Our tenants Student Experience in Heaton

I moved to Newcastle from Chester le street to study at Northumbria. Myself and my flat mates have lived together for 2 years first in Heaton and now in Byker
(it’s not as rough as everyone says) (..okay it is)

My flat mates and I have had student accommodation through ‘MyHouse-NE’ and the staff there are amazing although we have lost some good agents over the years.

Living with them, so much happened all the time but there’s also so much I’m not allowed to say.

We had that many noise complaints from neighbours that the police nearly got called but the people at Myhouse saved our a** time and time again. #blessed
Even when we’ve messed up losing our keys and I accidentally left an iron upside down on the floor which lead to paying £150 out of my deposit…

There was a Gym over the road in which I smashed all year and made zero difference. Good thing I have the ‘big lad’ mentality, also a Sainsbury’s next door was a life saver at 6am still drunk and knocking on the glass at 10:59pm because I wanted some Haagen dazs.

Living in Heaton is really enjoyable, there’s lots to do and way cheaper than Jesmond! I’d definitely choose to live there again.