Student Life in Heaton

The best thing about living in Heaton is probably the price! House prices in Heaton are loads cheaper than other student areas. The houses also feel a lot cosier and seem like an actual home compared to other student houses I’ve lived in or visited.

If you like your food, then Heaton is definitely the place to be. It has something for everyone, from every takeaway you could ask for, to little cafe’s that do amazing brunches (The Butterfly Cabinet has got to be the favourite of mine).

Similarly, there are loads of pubs to go out drinking to in Heaton, Wetherspoon’s and The Chillingham to name a few. Town is only a short walk away as well if you’re looking for more of a night out.

Lastly, there are loads of big supermarkets nearby which you don’t get living in town or other student areas. Living in Heaton you don’t have to pester your only housemate with a car to take you food shopping as Asda and Morrison’s are only a 5/10 minute walk away.

To conclude, there are loads of positives about student life in Heaton, but the best one has got to be how much more you get for your money – the amount you save on your rent can be used for more important things, like going out!