All the single ladies and eligible bachelors

All the single ladies ………….. and eligible bachelors

Here are six fun ways you can celebrate being single on Valentine’s Day and being YOU!

Round up all your mates and have a night on the town

From pub crawls to cocktail sessions, ladies and gents, you should raise a glass or toast a pint to how great you and your friends are.

Secret Santa? How about ‘Curious Cupid’?

Every one of you who’s single in your circle should put your names into a hat and each pull one out – similarly to Secret Santa, set a budget and buy a Valentine’s gift and a card for the name you pulled out. It can be as cute or as crude as you wish… the funnier, the better! Don’t forget to sign it off “from your secret admirer”.

Spend a night in with your celebrity crush

Whether it’s a group of you or just you on your own, why not round up a collection of films featuring your favourite A-list hotties.

Treat yourself to something special

It could be something as little as some chocolate or a takeaway, or a full-blown pamper session or a new shirt. Since you aren’t spending your money on another half, what’s stopping you from spending it on yourself!

Party the night away

Newcastle city centre nightspot Perdu is hosting Trafficlight Party on Tuesday, February 14 with advance tickets available now. If you’re not familiar with the premise of a Trafficlight Party you basically get to pick a colour – either red, yellow or green. If you haven’t already guessed it: red means taken, yellow basically means could be open to persuasion and green is single and ready to mingle.

Valentines fair

What rides will be at the Valentine’s Funfair in Team Valley this year? Always a hit with thrillseekers of all ages, the Valentine’s Funfair will soon get going in Team Valley once again For the

Harry Potter fans

Have you Siriusly got a riddikulus obsession with Harry Potter ?

There’s nothing Ron with that – Visit  No.28 bar on Valentines Night and take part in the Huge Harry Potter Quiz

Tup Tup Palace are giving away New York trip on Valentine’s night

The Newcastle nightspot is spreading the love big time with an amazing competition at Tuesday’s Love Dough


Clough’s Sweet Shop – Heaton Road

Make sure to take advantage of this months special offer over at Clough’s Sweet Shop. 10% off for all My House customers. Treat yourself to one of their Valentine’s Day jars.