Seeing Newcastle through my eyes

Moving away from home is hard. But moving away from your country and going to study in another country in a different continent altogether is much more difficult. And you can imagine how daunting it was for me; coming to study and live in a place where I knew no one. And let’s face it, I’m not the best in the kitchen and I had no idea what I was going to do for food. But then I reached Newcastle and I was stunned by the kind of people I came across. First one in this list would be obviously Ms. Meena from MyHouse NE. We literally felt like a family with her. The motherly care that she provided to our group of girls was very pure and blissful. While I was in fear of feeling lost in a fast-paced country, there was MyHouse team and Heaton, making me feel home away from home. From simple things like not losing their patience repeating stuff to me because I couldn’t really understand the Geordie accent at first or bus drivers helping me get wherever I wanted to with the routes or the retail shops like Sainsbury, ASDA pretty much closer to our living, Heaton is a beautiful place full of people who go out of their way to help people out. And for an international student there is nothing more relieving than finding themselves in a city that not only welcomes them happily but also helps them out at all stages of their stay.
The next big challenge was adjusting to university life. Would I struggle with the modules? Would I make good friends? Will I be able to manage my work with university work? All these questions I was stressing myself out were of no use because one week down the semester I realised I’d made more friends than I’d ever imagined, and I found myself being a part of a bunch of stuff outside my course like uni societies and people who played the same sport as me and stuff. And I guess now I can confidently say that for someone who was initially intimidated by the thought of student life abroad, life in Newcastle has a way of exciting you every day!