Home Sweet Home

Home is where your heart pounds and soul yearns for, but for an introvert like me this was the most difficult phase to through. Home cooked food, my parents and their warmth is something that I always look for. Should move, bags packed and standing on the immigration lane my heart is still pounding and eyes watery. Finally decision made, took the flight and landed at the New castle airport.
I and still thinking of this as the right decision, but it’s too late is the answer my mind replies. I move to this new house which has a white door and immediately I think of days when my sister would read out experts from the book she is reading. A wide hallway welcomes you with all the warmth and hug and then I am assigned this room, which I love and call it “a room with a view”. The moment I wake up with a hot pressed coffee and this view is what I asked for and longed for so long.
The empty roads in the evening, the tired self of mine forcefully dragging me to my room and just watch the sunset is what I want at the end of my day. When people think of luxury, I just want to think of the calmness it has bought to myself and as well as to my longing self of home.
The ring of the bell, and just those shadows of all the trees across my room makes it the most picture perfect gift. The kitchen, stomach tickling dinner time with my roomies makes me only fall in love with this city. The spacious hall, the movie nights, more fun and more togetherness is what this house promises me. People have different perceptions on different things, but for me this house will always remain like a small replication of my house back in my country as well it’s remnants will stay as future references to my dream house in the near future.