There has been a feeling for some time that Newcastle is becoming a more cosmopolitan City. Not just in the student, leisure and creative fields, but also in the wider business world.
The Newcastle City Region has a reputation for attracting talent from across the globe. The world renowned Universities have long attracted students from overseas, with Newcastle University currently home to over 4,000 international students. Recent research has also shown that Newcastle’s universities are among the most successful at retaining graduates to enter the local workforce.

As an increasing number of international companies have created new jobs in the North East there has become increased demand for professional property.

Professionals are busy people. They have little time to look for property to rent. The professional property letting services at MyHouse means we do the hard work for you, whether you want somewhere in Newcastle or in the wider north-east region. We’ve streamlined the process to make it as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Graduates – You’ve done the work and got the degree. Brilliant! You probably rented a student house but now you need a bit more space and order in your life. Somewhere smarter, low-maintenance, and not too pricey – right?

Newcastle and the North East have many businesses and organisations that need centrally located, competitively priced, rented accommodation. It could be for staff on secondment, external contractors ……… And it can be for short- or long-term lets. We know the key re-quirements are comfort, cleanliness and an impeccable managed service. People want to feel at home, not in a hotel.

All properties are on our website – full details, plenty of photos – where you can browse and gather ‘favourites’ for easy review with family and friends.
Most importantly let us take the stress away leaving you to enjoy this beautiful city.